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Fade To Black (Review) – Learn to Shoot & Edit Professional Videos

Fade to Black is a Comprehensive Online Video Course/ Tutorial on Shooting & Editing Professional Videos by Joey Xoto.

If you want to go the DIY route and make your own attractive videos that convinces & converts prospects, this course is for you. This is also for video editors who are in the beginning stages of their careers.

Fade to Black is a short and useful course. – Only the editing module (the best part of this course) is way longer than others. I took a week to complete the entire course.

I wish he had explained more about optimal camera settings, scene settings with lights, how to shoot videos of products, etc. These are covered in the course but on a basic level.

However, you’d mostly be doing talking head and b-roll (or) screen record videos – so it’s important to learn how to do it well. This is a comprehensive course that covers these topics extensively.

There is a HUGE difference between Amateur & Professionally made Videos. Here’s the secret – with practice you can also make professional videos and you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment.

  1. Did you know that there is a specific structure to scripting your videos that results in maximum conversion?
  2. Did you know that every professional video contains a well-planned script, and as a video creator, that’s where you too should start with every new project?
  3. Did you know how to get that background blur (behind the subject) using inexpensive cameras that instantly makes your video stand out?
  4. Did you know why shooting with low brightness levels using manual mode is much better than shooting over-exposed footage using Auto Mode of your camera?
  5. Did you know that you don’t always have to use the tripod? In fact, angles and movement add a lot of variety than shooting from a static location using a tripod.
  6. Did you know that you can record your computer screen for free? And you can use a program like MS Powerpoint to create a full video if you don’t want to appear on camera?
  7. Did you know why audio (voice) is the most important part of any video – whether live-action or screen recorded?
  8. Did you know that there are free audio editing tools available to minimize noise and maximize the voice?
  9. Did you know the best way to light up a scene and the subject?
  10. Did you know a simple trick to join disjointed cut video segments and make them appear like a continuous video? No, this is not always done by inserting a b-roll in between!

These are just some of the learnings covered in this course.

Joey Xoto, the creator of this course, has more than 10-years of experience shooting and editing commercial videos. Besides, he is also the creator of Viddoyze, the app that creates animations instantly for non-animators.

Here is the link to buy this courseFade to Black (Click)

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. I may get a small commission if you click and buy the course through that link. However, be assured that I recommend only those products that I have personally tried and loved. Besides, if you support me I can buy and review more great products.

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