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Successful Sales Videos – The One Factor that’s More Important than all others

Having a Great Product or Service to Sell is a precursor to the success of a great video. But once you take care of that, what’s the single most important factor that will get you maximum sales out of your Sales Videos?

Motion Graphic Design? Video Editing? Music? Sound Effects? Animation? Expensive Camera? Tripod? Lighting? Mic?

While all these enhance the quality of the video and make it look more professional or even beautiful, these are not the biggest factors that result in a massive increase in sales volume/revenue.

What else then?

I have been a professional blogger for more than a decade, and I have been learning Adobe After Effects to create videos for more than 3-Years.

So, I am a creative person by heart and I listen more to the right side of my brain than the left side.

However, when it comes to buying decisions, like it or not, the left side of the brain makes the buying decisions and the right side validates it. Both are involved and both are important.

To convince the left brain, we need to give it as much information as possible (to help in research) and show as many benefits as possible in a logical way.

But to convince the right brain, we need to use emotional triggers.

Humans are guided by emotions like fear, joy, survival, validation, hope, despair, greed, desire, etc.

There is a structured way to satisfy the need for information and emotions at the same time.

That’s called COPYWRITING.

A professionally made video in itself cannot achieve the results if the copy is weak. When the copy is strong, the design elements, camera, music, etc. can enhance the video to produce great results.

I often see customers and video creators neglect the importance of copywriting while creating video ads. In fact, I too have been guilty of making that mistake.

But now I have my priorities right – I first work hard to produce a good copy and only then I plan for the other video elements.

If you don’t have much time, refer to this Copywriting Cheat Sheet for Video & Landing pages that I created after a good amount of research.

However, it is much better to invest your time and money to learn the structure of copywriting from one of the masters in the art – Joey Xoto. He has been creating videos for more than ten years and is responsible for some big-ticket sales and volumes.

Joey Xoto has recently introduced his short course on video creation – Fade to Black.

Guess what’s the first module of that course? Yes, it’s COPYWRITING aka SCRIPT WRITING. He also gives an elaborate overview of the other important aspects of video creation like,

  • Basics of Composition – Don’t make your videos look amateurish
  • Optimum Camera Settings for Video – Go beyond that Auto mode and use background blur/bokeh to attract viewers
  • Cinematography Theory – why should movie makers make all those exciting videos?
  • Stock Footage & Screen Capture Videos – Not comfortable shooting or getting in front of camera? No problem
  • Video Editing – Here is where all the magic happens, so you better get this right
  • Video Optimization – Color grading, compression… make your videos look PRO and make it easy for your viewers

I have completed this course and am happy to recommend it to others. It provides great value whether you are a business owner wanting to make your own video, or whether you are a fellow video creator who wants to take their video creation skills to the next level.

Here is the link to join the courseFade to Black.

Disclosure: This is an affiliate link. I get a small commission from the small amount you pay if you buy the course after you click the above link.

However, be sure that I don’t recommend products that I have not used myself or that have not benefited me personally.

Cheat Sheet: Copywriting for Video and Landing Pages
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