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WOWSUPER.NET – We create 2.5D videos & Professional photo slideshows

At WOWSUPER.NET we create Marketing Videos for Business & Photo Slideshow Videos for Special Occasions in the unique 2.5D Video Format which is different and attractive.

We transform your photos, raw videos & messages into a professional & attractive video with visual effects, transitions, music, text animation, motion graphics, etc.

The 2.5D Video Format is different from 2D and 3D Videos. In 2.5D Videos, 2D objects and placed and animated in a 3D space/environment. We create an entire set in 3D using cut 2D objects and place your media/messages in it.

We use camera animation, lights, text animation, background music, visual effects, etc. to tell your story effectively. Since 2.5D Video format is fresh, it catches the attention of viewers quickly. And this format enables better storytelling.

See the below videos to get an idea about how we transform your raw photos, videos, and text into a professional video.

Marketing Videos for Business: (Sample Videos)

2.5D Event Promo Video:

2.5D Product Promo Video:

Professional Photo Slideshow Videos for Special Occasions: (Sample Effects & Transitions)

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