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We tell Visual Stories of your Special Moments
Send us your best photos & short videos. We’ll send you back a beautiful Slideshow Video. Show it, Share it on Social Networks, and Save it for Posterity!

We help you save your precious moments and share your story with the world IN STYLE. We use photos, videos, text, music, animation, special effects, 3D effects, kinetic typography and more to create elegant slideshows combining the best photos and videos from your birthday, wedding day, anniversary, trip, etc.

We customize each slideshow as per your needs, as much as possible. This enables us to tell your story most effectively. Since we create slideshows professionally almost every day, you can rest assured that people will go – “Wow, Super!”

Introductory Pricing: $1 USD per Photo; $2.5 USD per Video. (30-sec max)
For example, if you want us to create a slideshow with 10 photos & 2 videos you pay $1 x 10 = $10 (+) $2.5 x 2 = $5. Total = $15 USD. To make your deal super special, we’ll add one premium intro or outro slide worth $5 for free.
How to Order: Submit your details in the ‘Order/Enquiry Form’ on the right and continue the communication by email. Or, you can directly send an email to with the photos/videos. Once the video is ready, we’ll send the MP4 file link by email along with an invoice. You can pay via Paypal using your credit/debit cards after you receive the slideshow.

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