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Make a Fun Video with Robotic Voice :)

Here is a fun video I made with a robotic voice wishing people on the occasion of a local festival here – Pongal. While this robotic voice speaks Tamil, I can make the robot speak whatever you want in English as well. What more, I can create a basic animated video with motion graphics to accompany the robotic voice too.

A robotic voice is gender-neutral and has its own charm. It’s much better than the videos floating around the net that employ text-to-speech audio. I feel, text-to-speech is more robotic, and this robotic voice is more natural 🙂

One of the applications of the robotic voice is to make a video for greetings/wishes for special occasions, like what I have done here. But other types of videos may also suit this voice. I am planning to use this robot voice to make a book trailer video soon, but what we can make is limited only by our imagination.

If you want to make a video with robotic voice or want to utilize my video editing skills, please visit the homepage and submit your details in the contact form.

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