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Music Video Collage Effects (incl. Dancing Woman Silhouette Effect)

I have created some new Video Collage Visual Effects. You can see them in the below-embedded music videos. These effects can be applied to any video, not just a music video.

Before showing you the longer video with twelve collage effects, I want to show you a short video that has my favorite “Dancing Woman Silhouette” effect. Check it out below 🙂

If you find this a somewhat heavy effect or if the action in your video is spread across the screen (unlike just in the center – as in the above video), look at the twelve different video collage effects in the below-embedded video.

These styles are just a sample. I can create video collages in more shapes, arrangements, and animations than what’s shown below. Each video is edited and customized to suit the content and the mood of your raw video.

If you are looking for creative video editing services to make a custom video collage with your photos/videos (even the ones that are not related to music) head over to https://wowsuper.net home page and submit your details in the contact form there. Let’s talk!

Finally, here is the music video with 12 different video collages –

Thanks to the press meet organized by Yamaha Music India where I filmed the above video. They had invited a child prodigy piano player – Lydian Nathaswaram who played various tunes on the new Yamaha Keyboards launched on that day. Visit this blog post if you want to know more about the Yamaha Keyboard models launched on that day.

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