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Sep. ’19: Yamaha music Launches New Keyboards for Kids & Semi-Professionals (PSS Series)

Yamaha Music recently organized a press meet to launch their Made-in-India PSS Series Keyboards/Pianos for the Indian market. Above-embedded video shows the sounds/music from the new keyboards as demonstrated by Mr. Glen, an executive of Yamaha Music India.

He plays a few melodies composed by AR Rehman with these keyboards. Do see the above video to know what these tiny instruments are capable of!

During this press meet, Yamaha launched three new models. The first two keyboards are focused on kids & teens; the third one can be used by teens-adults and semi-professionals.

  • Yamaha PSS-E30 (Beginning model with something special – for kids)
  • Yamaha PSS-F30 (Higher model with everything a child needs to start playing)
  • Yamaha PSS-A50 (Teenagers to Semi-Professionals – can handle everything from performing to recording)

All the model names above are linked to their respective product pages. So you can click on them to see product-related information like key features, specs. etc.

What I liked about these keyboards is their ability to work with AA batteries or even mobile power banks! The A50 model even has a playback and recording function. It has a USB MIDI capability and can connect to mobile/PC/Home music recording systems.

I think I remember the executive telling us that these keyboards can play Indian instrument sounds – but am not sure which models can. All of them are light-weight and portable and look decent with their black/white colours.

They are economically priced around 4K to 7.2K INR which I think will be attractive for beginners. Frankly, I would love to get my hands on the A50 but am not sure if I’ll be able to learn it just by following Youtube lessons! Let me scout for good online tutorials or see if I can get a teacher somewhere nearby. If I find a good tutor-source, I might be tempted to buy the A50 🙂

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