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Save The Date Video [Wedding/Marriage Invitation Video]

Here is a Wedding/Marriage Invitation Video template that I made. It’s also called Save the Date Video in western countries. This is in the new 2.5D format where I animate 2D objects in 3D space.

Nowadays it’s not possible to hand-over or courier physical invitations to everyone as many friends and family members live across the globe.

A short virtual wedding/marriage invite video like this could instantly be sent anywhere over email or social media messengers like Facebook and WhatsApp. You can also upload it on your Facebook wall or publish it as an Instagram post.

You don’t necessarily have to replace physical wedding cards with these virtual wedding invite videos unless you are a #green lover. Wedding cards have their own touch & feel and in most weddings, it’s still a must – as per tradition.

You can use these invitation videos in addition to physical marriage invitation cards. These are super inexpensive to make and are totally free to distribute. They are also convenient for people to store on their phone and refer to whenever required – what more could you ask for?

You just need to send your details and we’ll replace the information in this video with your name, venue, date/time details. If you want to add any other information, your photos, etc. we can customize the invitation as per your needs.

Head over to the homepage and submit your contact details in the contact form over there. Let’s talk!

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