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Benefits of Taboola Content Discovery Platform for Advertisers

Why advertisers should consider content discovery platforms like taboola

Native Ads or Content Discovery Platforms like Taboola have become a viable alternative to search engine advertising and social media ads. When links to your content is placed on large and reputed publishers websites, it can enhance the viewer perception of your brand.

Whether Content Discovery Platforms are able to give you a lower CPC and/or lower CPA and other performance metrics, is up to you to experiment and determine. However, with the large reach that native ads provide on the open web, you can no longer ignore them.

Here is an interview I did with Mr. Ran Buck of Taboola, on the sidelines of a press meet convened at Hyatt Regency, Chennai, India – recently. So you can better understand the advantages of advertising on Taboola, directly from their representative.

“Storytelling has always engaged users better than an image that shows just a poduct” – Ran Buck, Taboola.

If you are an Indian advertiser wanting to reach a large base of Indian viewers in their native languages, Taboola might be an option as they engage viewers with ads in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and all major Indian languages.

To understand what is a content discovery platform/native advertising, and how you can better engage your viewers, listen to the below-embedded interview.

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