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Teaser & Promo Video for Exhibition (Event)

Teaser & Promo Video for an Exhibition

Here is a short teaser video made by us for an upcoming event – an exhibition. This is a short video (around 40s) that conveys the message through creative usage of text, brochure and a call-to-action. The upbeat music that creates anticipation for the viewer is also important, and a suitable one was used in this video as well.

Teaser Video for Exhibition:

Here is the slightly longer promo video made by us for the same event – exhibition. It contains the teaser video at the beginning, followed by three different views of the creative graphic poster made for this exhibition. There is a call to action for stall bookings.

After this, photos from the previous year’s edition of the same expo are shown as a creative slideshow with visual effects and transitions to make them attractive. Of course, there is soft royalty-free music playing in the background. These photos are required to convince prospects that the organizer has the experience of hosting large events and can do a professional job this year too.

Promo Video for Exhibition:

The teaser and promo videos are intended to convey the message effectively in a medium people love to watch content, and also to show the professional approach of the organizers. A well-made video gets shared more often increasing the reach of event organizers.

If you want to make a professional video for your event, visit the homepage and submit your contact details or contact us directly.

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