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Benefits of gofloaters for startups & freelancers

GoFloaters is a web/mobile app that enables startups, solopreneurs, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even working professionals to book coworking spaces & meeting/event spaces on a per-hour basis in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Coimbatore – for now.

There goes the biggest advantage of Gofloaters – Ability to book coworking spaces & meeting rooms on a per-hour basis, instead of the monthly rentals charged by most coworking providers.

The second advantage of GoFloaters is – the per hour cost is very inexpensive. For most properties, it’s around Rs. 35 per person (at the time of writing this article). So for such a low cost, you can go and work/discuss at a cafe, restaurant or other locations – most of whom offer AC, WiFi and other benefits too.

As most of these spaces are offered by cafes, restaurants, etc. you can work there without any pressure to buy food/drinks. If at all you want to buy, GoFloaters even offers you discounts/cashbacks on F&B when you go through their app.

Another benefit, for travelling professionals, is the ability to take rest or work at a cafe or restaurant in between meetings, when they are far away from their hotels/offices.

All these are direct benefits of GoFloaters. I am sure these are sufficient for you to download their mobile app now (Android, iOS).

An interesting indirect benefit for startups and new-age/online businesses starting out lies in the hidden section of Community Partners on their website.

As you can see there, they have great offers and deep discounts for popular services like AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, FreshWorks, Hubspot, RazorPay, Hostinger, Delhivery, Klenty, etc. These offers are specially tailored to make things easy for startups during their early years. Hence, there are discounts up to even 90%!

Personally, I availed the 90% discount on Hubspot for Startups. I was about to signup with Zoho CRM as it is inexpensive and feature-rich. But, if the price was not an issue, I would prefer Hubspot any day as they are the leader in Inbound Marketing and they are very good at Knowledge Sharing through Hubspot Academy, etc.

So when I found the 90% discount for Marketing & Sales starter packages offered through GoFloaters, an official partner, I jumped on the offer! Of course, there are criteria like having an email address in your own domain, buying a FloaterPass, etc, to show that you are a startup who is serious about growing their business.

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