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Birthday Short Film

Birthday Short Film

We’ll make a short film with important pictures & video clips taken during your/your loved one’s birthday.

Your birthday movie can look professional and attractive with effects, transitions, animation, text, music, etc.

Why not let us create a short film for your birthday to share on social networks & to preserve it for posterity?

Typically birthday videos are just 1 to 3 minutes long, but short videos make a better impact with viewers.

We’ll convert your media into an impressive short movie that you can proudly share everywhere.

The above-embedded video is just a sample – your video will be customised just for you.

If you are in Chennai, Bangalore, Pondicherry (South India) or nearby, we can come to your birthday party and shoot the video for you. Even if or otherwise, you can arrange photographers locally (or) you can shoot the photos/ videos on your mobile/ personal cameras and send it to us over the net.

We are looking forward to partner with photographers around the world. You shoot, we do creative video editing.

Visit our homepage @ wowsuper.net and submit your contact details – we’ll get in touch with you soon.┬áDon’t worry, our short film creation services are inexpensive – really.

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