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commercial video for showroom/website (online store)

Commercial Video for Showroom/Online Store

Here is a commercial video we made for a showroom-network that also has online ordering facility. They enable customers to design their own customised shirts and deliver them across the world. Customers can either visit one of their showrooms located across India, US & Dubai for a more customised experience, or they can visit the website and customise multiple aspects of a shirt by themselves, and place an order.

This type of video requires a good attractive intro with words and logo reveal, a video taken at one of their shops, a photo slideshow with some photos taken at the shop, a screen shot and text animation for the introduction of the customisation process Online. And the video needs to be short enough to hold the attention of the customers throughout.

We hope we have delivered the essence of the message effectively in the above video.

If you are looking to make a similar video for your store/website, do get in touch with us via the contact form on the homepage. Even if we are not able to visit the store to shoot photos & videos, it is sufficient if you can arrange to shoot locally and send the media across to us. We’ll stitch them together, add animations, text, music, etc. and create a video as per your requirements and preferences.

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