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business intro video - record yourself talking to viewers

Business Introduction Video is better when You Talk to Viewers

Above-embedded is a Business Introduction Video that we made. It features me talking to the viewers directly while also showing informative text for a visual reinforcement of the oral message, where required.

Here is a similar video (click) with just text conveying the same message without me talking directly to the viewers. Although sufficient, it doesn’t have the personal connect that is evident with the above-embedded video.

That’s why, I think, business owners should convey the important points and benefits, directly to the audience. Nowadays, it’s very easy to shoot a video of oneself talking – even a mobile camera can record good video. Just make sure you keep the camera steady while recording. You can place it over a tripod or even a table/pile of books, etc.

In this particular video, at certain places, I have made text appear as they are spoken and disappear slightly afterwards. This not only makes the speech clearer, but also enables the viewers to catch and recollect important points.

But in certain sections, I have shown just the slides/messages and graphics while I speak in the background. The goal and quote sections of the above video have interesting visuals which I retained in order to convey more than what it may be possible to say, and to give a short break from direct addressing, which might get overwhelming after a certain point of time.

If the business owner is not comfortable talking, a senior executive or a top manager can also do that.

If you want to make a video like the above for your business, visit wowsuper.net homepage (click) and contact me using the contact form/email address mentioned there.

Let’s talk 🙂

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