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A Creative Way to Wish Happy Birthday

As you may know, we make videos for special occasions and marketing purposes here at wowsuper.net. Recently, one of our customers asked us to make a video to wish his wife on her birthday. So as usual, I asked him to send over some photos and some text he wanted to include.

But he had different plans. He said he would send a few short videos and I had to stitch them all together into a creative video along with beautiful effects and transitions. I said OK.

After a week, with just two days to go for her birthday, I was wondering why I had not received the videos yet. Just then, he sent me a mail with a Google Drive download link.

As I opened the web page, I found around 50 videos. I wondered what these videos could contain – that too fifty of them! So I downloaded the videos in my system and started playing them one by one.

All the videos were the same.

They were all from their friends and family members wishing her happy birthday and sharing some fond memories and impressions about her.

So basically he had requested many people to speak and record their wishes and impressions in their cell phone cameras and send it over. I stitched them all together to make a creative surprise video wishing happy birthday from so many near and dear. I wish I could show you the video – but since it’s private, I can’t.

Don’t you think it’s a great way/idea to wish someone on their birthday? Very thoughtful, lot of efforts, and very effective 🙂

You might want to try something similar to wish someone you cherish. I am sure they’ll cherish the video for years to come.

Of course, you can send the individual videos to me via the contact form on the homepage (click) and I’ll add the magic required to make it look great.

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