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Great Wall of China

3D Photo Slideshow (3D Model: Great Wall of China)

Here is a 3D Photo Slideshow Video made by us with wedding photos set around a 3D model (Great Wall of China). Making this video involves creating the 3D model, placing the photos in 3D space, lighting the 3D space, and animating the camera – pan, zoom and rotate.

These objects and photos are set around true 3D space, instead of simulating 3D using 2D animation. Hence, the 3D modelling and animation possibilities are infinite. Since 3D rendering takes many hours even for a video spanning a few seconds, it’s not practical to expect a video with many photos.

Practically, per event/occasion, up to 25 photos could be placed in 3D space and animated. These videos are not a replacement to regular event editing/mixing videos, but these are meant to be created with just a few important photos primarily for sharing the video on social networks. So it has to be short.

If you are a wedding photographer/videographer do contact us by filling up the enquiry form on the homepage, if you want your customers photos to be placed around a 3D model and animated. We have ready made models for Seven Wonders of the World, but custom models can also be prepared – provided sufficient time is available.

Have a look at Wedding Slideshows category for pricing and further details.

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