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promo video using timelapse videos

Promo Videos using Timelapse Footage

Here is a Promo Video we made for ourselves using premium timelapse stock footage and text tracking.

Timelapse videos help catch the viewer’s attention right at the beginning of the video as they look very attractive and have not been used much, at least not for business communications. When a timelapse video is used to show a succinct message, it instantly catches your target audience’s attention.

Although a few themes of Timelapse footage taken at beautiful and eye-catching locales are available for use, the video may not be indicative of the text/message that the slide conveys. In this case, we wanted a panning timelapse video, hence our choices were quite limited.

Although unrelated, these videos still look professional and hence they are guaranteed to catch the viewer’s attention especially when used to convey short messages.

Besides, in the above video, we have used a video editing feature called text tracking. Here, text acts like a static object inside the video and moves along with the buildings/rocks, etc. which makes them look different and cinematic. That will make your customers notice what’s written. 3D Text, although not used here, could create an even better impact!

If you want to make a promo video for your company to convey the outline/overall picture of your offerings, you should consider making a promo video using timelapse footage.

Your company is different, hence your videos also need to be different 🙂

Visit the homepage and get in touch by submitting the order/enquiry form, if you would like to know more about our promo video creation service here at Wowsuper.net.

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