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Photo Slideshow set in 3D Space around a 3D Model (Taj Mahal)

Here is a short photo slideshow we made with our photos set in 3D space around a 3D model (Taj Mahal). The camera moves from one photo to another (while pausing briefly in front of each) while revolving around the 3D model, creating a true 3D environment experience. The 3D model is exposed bit by bit, creating interest in the viewers minds before getting exposed fully during the last ten seconds.

3D Photo slideshows are new and different. Regular photo slideshows may have multiple effects, transitions, etc. but chances are, people in your circle may have seen most of them already. If you want to really surprise people, creating 3D photo slideshows with real 3D models and 3D sets is a good idea.

This 3D Taj Mahal model is the first in our series of ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ Photo Slideshows. You can see a listing of the seven wonders of the world from here. 3D sets for each wonder will be created and your photos will be placed and shown around each wonder to create the final photo slideshow.

The camera will move from one wonder of the world to another (containing your photos). This makes them see your photos being around all the wonders of the world. We can also place your photo cut-out (instead of full photos) in order to make people feel that you were virtually present at all the locations.

This is the next best thing you can do to travelling across the world and taking photos in front of each wonder, don’t you think?

The photos can be from any special occasion. They could be your marriage photos, anniversary/birthday celebration photos, or travel photos, or photos taken during any other ceremony.

If you want to make a photo slideshow with your photos placed around the seven wonders of the world in real 3D space, visit the homepage and fill up the contact form.

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