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Six types of marketing videos

6 Types of Marketing Videos for your Business

#1. Business Introduction (Powerpoint Presentation style) Video

We can make an animated PPT-style Video for you to effectively introduce your business to the world – like the one shown below. Click here for more info.

#2. Explainer Video

3D Animated Explainer Videos are a great option if you want to explain your product or service, especially on the homepage of your website. Have a look at the sample video below and click here for more details.

#3. Teaser Video

So you have your next major product release or a huge announcement coming up. Don’t say it immediately. Make a teaser video to give a glimpse what’s about to come and make your prospects anticipate with suspense. More Info (click)…

#4. Promo Video

Now that you’ve teased you next major release, go ahead and show what you’ve got, clearly, with a Promo Video. Click here for more info.

#5. Product Portfolio Video

Showcase your best products from each category with a beautiful Product Portfolio Video, which you use as an advertisement on social media or show it to prospective customers when you meet them. Click here for more info…

#6. Service Portfolio Video

You don’t have products – you offer services to your clients? No problem, use this photo slideshow style video to showcase the various services offered by your business. Click here for details…

Creating Marketing Videos are a great way to establish your professional image, engage your prospects, and convert them into customers. At WOWSUPER.NET we make professional marketing videos for business & customised photo slideshows for special occasions – at a price you’d never imagine. Send us an enquiry now to explore how best we can help you showcase your products & services to the world.

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