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3D Avatar Slideshow

Make a 3D Avatar Appear & Speak in Your Videos

3D Avatar Spokesperson Video Intro

Imagine a cool 3D Avatar/Character introducing your video to the world. You can make them speak any text of your choice (100 characters max). We use text-to-speech technology to make them speak what you want. Don’t you think that will make a cool introduction to your photo slideshow or business video? 

Of course, you’ll have to give a script which will be spoken by the 3D Avatar. The background could be a photo or video – if you don’t have any, we’ll include one from our royalty-free stock media collection. Both male and female 3D Avatars are available with us, with male and female voices – respectively. Do mention which one you may prefer.

Cost: $2 USD/Rs. 120 per Second of the final Video. 

Use the below form to initiate communication or place your order. You can buy it along with our slideshow creation service, marketing videos creation service, or as a separate video.

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