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Photography Portfolio Video - Glitch Effects

Photography Portfolio: Showcase your Photos as a Video with Glitch Effects

So you’ve taken some cool photos and you want to showcase your best photos using a photography portfolio slideshow video. While you want the focus on your photos for most of the time, you also want to use some effects to make the video look professional and attractive. What to do?

Welcome to Glitch Video Effects.

For example, look at the above video. I have kept the photos almost stationary or used simple effects like zoom in/out for the first four seconds of each slide. This enables the viewers to see the photo clearly without any distraction.

During the last one second for each slide, I have used the glitch effect. Glitch refers to the quick shaking of a part of the photo, entire photo or even the text, for a very short time. It makes for a great visual effect and I thought it would be useful in a photography portfolio slideshow video because the photos are going to be almost still for a long time. At the very least, it will wake up the viewer due to the sudden movement 🙂

Besides, there are advantages of using a video to showcase your photos. For one, you can just send a simple link instead of a bunch of huge files or link to files. Second, it’s impossible to download the individual photos from a video – so there is no way of misusing it without your knowledge. Third, since most photographers just send photos, by sending a video, you’ll create a professional impression on the client – especially if you include an intro & a contact details page. With a video, you can also decide the order in which the viewer views your photos and the duration for each.

Even if you are just a hobbyist photographer, it’s still a good idea to create a portfolio video with your best photos. It will be useful to send/show to people when they ask what’s your hobby or what you’ve been doing lately…

Glitch effect is not something you see in regular slideshows… So you can be sure that your photo slideshow is unique and different. It will definitely make a mark in viewer’s minds.

To order, leave your contact details and requirement in the contact form available on the homepage (click).

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