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Photography Portfolio Video (Done for You)

If you are a photographer, you’d have a portfolio of your favorite images to show to prospective clients. You might probably be showing the uploaded photos via email or social networks/website links. Or, if you get a chance to meet the customer in person, you can show it to him via mobile, tablet or a laptop. All these are good ideas.

But there is a better and a more professional way to showcase your photography portfolio.

Through a professional slideshow portfolio video.

In a video, you can determine how long you want your customers to see each photo and the order in which they need to see the photos. You can also add overlay text, music, animated effects to make the video look more attractive. The best part is, you can add your logo/company name at the beginning using an intro animation & you can include your contact/website details at the end.

It’s easy to upload the video to a video sharing website like youtube or your own website and just send the link. Customers can see the video even on any mobile/laptop browser. Creating a video portfolio makes the prospect think that your approach of showing your portfolio is professional and different from others.

The challenge in creating a video portfolio is, the theme/effects used should be minimal yet look elegant. The video should keep your customer’s focus on the photos and not towards the effects, etc. So a slow zoom and simple effects, as shown in the above video, should be sufficient. Of course, an intro and outro slides are a must.

With a video, you can also be sure that no one will be able to download your photos and use it elsewhere without your knowledge.

If you want to create a professional photography video portfolio, please submit your contact details using the contact form on the homepage (click here).

Pricing: $1 USD/60 INR per photo. [For the template shown above. Pricing might differ if you have custom requirements or need another template]

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