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business intro/company portfolio video

Business Promo/Intro/Portfolio Video Styles

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Professional Photo Slideshows can be used to create marketing videos for Business Introduction/Promotional Videos or Service Portfolios. There is one important difference while using photo slideshows for creating marketing videos – the focus is on the text rather than the photos behind them. As you can guess, this is the reverse of personal slideshow videos made for special occasions where the focus is on the photos.

Once you have decided what text to go in each slide (keeping text short per slide – between one and five words, is a good practice) you can then see if you have or can take photos that convey the essence of the text. Even if you don’t have photos of your business/products/people, it’s OK – we can use related stock photos for the same – as in these example videos.

Also, these videos cannot be too long. Around 10-15 slides (max) per video will keep it short enough to hold viewer’s attention. If you want to use more slides, do consider the idea of creating multiple short videos.

The above slideshow templates have been optimized to convey marketing messages. We’ll add text, effects & animation along with photos to create customized videos suitable for your business. We can also add 2D Animation, Motion Graphics or Text-To-Speech avatars – at additional cost if required.

If you want to make marketing videos at a low cost, professional slideshow templates optimized for marketing communication (as shown in the above videos) will convey your message effectively while attracting viewer’s attention with beautiful photos, music & effects.

Price: $2 USD/120 INR per slide/photo.

To order or enquire, please fill up the contact form on the home page (click here) to convey your requirement and initiate communication.

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