Create an Animated Bar Graph

A bar graph is a great way to show comparison between your data. While a plain graph is fine, you can also try animating your bar graph to not only make it look better but also to make the viewer notice and recollect more of your presentation data.

Generally, when a slide or page with a lot of data/info is presented to viewers, they tend to skim it quickly and then their attention is diverted. So they might miss a few important details.

But, using an animated bar graph/animated infographics, you can show all your data one by one. That way, the user is automatically guided to look at each data point you are presenting.

This is because we animate each bar and each data point separately. There is also a pause between the bars. Since the user is presented with limited data each time, there is a good chance that they will notice each bar and each data point, as it animates.

You can also be sure that they will recollect more information about your presentation, this way. The above bar graph with five bars plays for just 14 seconds with a 2-second delay in the beginning and in the end.

If you want to create animated bar graph videos/infographics/presentations, head over to homepage (click) and submit your requirements in the contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Timeline Video (Made for You)

Creating a Timeline video is a great way to introduce your business to the world. It’s basically a timeline graph that is animated, and shows the key points over the life of the company – each year or a few important years from the year of inception. An example timeline video made by us for a client is embedded above.

You can add points like important partnerships, awards/accolades won, financial milestones, important appointments, expansion into new areas, etc. Each year can have multiple branches for conveying multiple milestones for that year, as shown in the above video.

A timeline video can be a stand-alone video or it can be a part of company/business introduction video. You can upload it to social networks like Youtube or embed it on your website. You can also play this video during events or client presentations, etc.

Some key pointers like what the company is into, business focus areas, vision/mission, locations, etc. animated and placed before or after the timeline animation would enhance the video and convey everything that a new viewer wants to know about the company.

If you want to create a timeline video customised according to your requirements and incorporating your data, let us know by filling up the contact form on the homepage (click). We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Business Introduction Video is better when You Talk to Viewers

Above-embedded is a Business Introduction Video that we made. It features me talking to the viewers directly while also showing informative text for a visual reinforcement of the oral message, where required.

Here is a similar video (click) with just text conveying the same message without me talking directly to the viewers. Although sufficient, it doesn’t have the personal connect that is evident with the above-embedded video.

That’s why, I think, business owners should convey the important points and benefits, directly to the audience. Nowadays, it’s very easy to shoot a video of oneself talking – even a mobile camera can record good video. Just make sure you keep the camera steady while recording. You can place it over a tripod or even a table/pile of books, etc.

In this particular video, at certain places, I have made text appear as they are spoken and disappear slightly afterwards. This not only makes the speech clearer, but also enables the viewers to catch and recollect important points.

But in certain sections, I have shown just the slides/messages and graphics while I speak in the background. The goal and quote sections of the above video have interesting visuals which I retained in order to convey more than what it may be possible to say, and to give a short break from direct addressing, which might get overwhelming after a certain point of time.

If the business owner is not comfortable talking, a senior executive or a top manager can also do that.

If you want to make a video like the above for your business, visit homepage (click) and contact me using the contact form/email address mentioned there.

Let’s talk 🙂

Commercial Video for Showroom/Online Store

Here is a commercial video we made for a showroom-network that also has online ordering facility. They enable customers to design their own customised shirts and deliver them across the world. Customers can either visit one of their showrooms located across India, US & Dubai for a more customised experience, or they can visit the website and customise multiple aspects of a shirt by themselves, and place an order.

This type of video requires a good attractive intro with words and logo reveal, a video taken at one of their shops, a photo slideshow with some photos taken at the shop, a screen shot and text animation for the introduction of the customisation process Online. And the video needs to be short enough to hold the attention of the customers throughout.

We hope we have delivered the essence of the message effectively in the above video.

If you are looking to make a similar video for your store/website, do get in touch with us via the contact form on the homepage. Even if we are not able to visit the store to shoot photos & videos, it is sufficient if you can arrange to shoot locally and send the media across to us. We’ll stitch them together, add animations, text, music, etc. and create a video as per your requirements and preferences.

Promo Videos using Timelapse Footage

Here is a Promo Video we made for ourselves using premium timelapse stock footage and text tracking.

Timelapse videos help catch the viewer’s attention right at the beginning of the video as they look very attractive and have not been used much, at least not for business communications. When a timelapse video is used to show a succinct message, it instantly catches your target audience’s attention.

Although a few themes of Timelapse footage taken at beautiful and eye-catching locales are available for use, the video may not be indicative of the text/message that the slide conveys. In this case, we wanted a panning timelapse video, hence our choices were quite limited.

Although unrelated, these videos still look professional and hence they are guaranteed to catch the viewer’s attention especially when used to convey short messages.

Besides, in the above video, we have used a video editing feature called text tracking. Here, text acts like a static object inside the video and moves along with the buildings/rocks, etc. which makes them look different and cinematic. That will make your customers notice what’s written. 3D Text, although not used here, could create an even better impact!

If you want to make a promo video for your company to convey the outline/overall picture of your offerings, you should consider making a promo video using timelapse footage.

Your company is different, hence your videos also need to be different 🙂

Visit the homepage and get in touch by submitting the order/enquiry form, if you would like to know more about our promo video creation service here at

6 Types of Marketing Videos for your Business

#1. Business Introduction (Powerpoint Presentation style) Video

We can make an animated PPT-style Video for you to effectively introduce your business to the world – like the one shown below. Click here for more info.

#2. Explainer Video

3D Animated Explainer Videos are a great option if you want to explain your product or service, especially on the homepage of your website. Have a look at the sample video below and click here for more details.

#3. Teaser Video

So you have your next major product release or a huge announcement coming up. Don’t say it immediately. Make a teaser video to give a glimpse what’s about to come and make your prospects anticipate with suspense. More Info (click)…

#4. Promo Video

Now that you’ve teased you next major release, go ahead and show what you’ve got, clearly, with a Promo Video. Click here for more info.

#5. Product Portfolio Video

Showcase your best products from each category with a beautiful Product Portfolio Video, which you use as an advertisement on social media or show it to prospective customers when you meet them. Click here for more info…


#6. Service Portfolio Video

You don’t have products – you offer services to your clients? No problem, use this photo slideshow style video to showcase the various services offered by your business. Click here for details…


Creating Marketing Videos are a great way to establish your professional image, engage your prospects, and convert them into customers. At WOWSUPER.NET we make professional marketing videos for business & customised photo slideshows for special occasions – at a price you’d never imagine. Send us an enquiry now to explore how best we can help you showcase your products & services to the world.

Make a 3D Avatar Appear & Speak in Your Videos

3D Avatar Spokesperson Video Intro

Imagine a cool 3D Avatar/Character introducing your video to the world. You can make them speak any text of your choice (100 characters max). We use text-to-speech technology to make them speak what you want. Don’t you think that will make a cool introduction to your photo slideshow or business video? 

Of course, you’ll have to give a script which will be spoken by the 3D Avatar. The background could be a photo or video – if you don’t have any, we’ll include one from our royalty-free stock media collection. Both male and female 3D Avatars are available with us, with male and female voices – respectively. Do mention which one you may prefer.

Cost: $2 USD/Rs. 120 per Second of the final Video. 

Use the below form to initiate communication or place your order. You can buy it along with our slideshow creation service, marketing videos creation service, or as a separate video.

Teaser Video for Jewelry Product

Here is a teaser video for a jewelery product (bangle) made by us recently. It’s difficult to make teaser videos because we are not supposed to show the product fully, but yet generate curiosity interest by just showing the product partially or a blurred version.

For making this video, we took many photos of the bangle suspended from a thread and making it move/rotate. So the blur was naturally captured in the photos. If only clear photos are available, we can still introduce blur using VFX in a video editor.

We also enlarged the photos of the bangle but showed only parts of it in the video. We used short videos (really short) of the bangle moving and rotating without inducing any blur as the moving product was visible, but not clear.

Teaser videos are better if they are fast and short. In this case, the teaser video is 14 seconds long and each photo/video gets around 0.5 sec or 1 sec maximum screen time.

Of course, a catchy music is essential to attract the attention of the audience and we have used an upbeat number in this one. Text, although revealing the product name, has been used more to create interest and suspense in the viewer’s minds. Fast appearing text over the photos/videos also distracts the viewers from getting a clear view of the product, which helps conceal its looks further.

The brand name is shown at the end with an eye-catching animation so that people are able to see the brand name and remember it, which is important. A short logo animation can also be used at the end.

It’s ideal if the teaser video is followed by a promo video relatively quickly. Promo video shows the product clearly in different angles and should answer all the viewer’s questions in the teaser video. Ideally, the promo video should follow the teaser video within a week.

Product Teaser Videos & Product Promo Videos are a good way to introduce a new product to customers, especially on social media. We at specialize in making marketing videos. Do visit our homepage (click) and drop your contact details in the Order/Enquiry form over there to initiate discussion.

Photography Portfolio Video (Done for You)

If you are a photographer, you’d have a portfolio of your favorite images to show to prospective clients. You might probably be showing the uploaded photos via email or social networks/website links. Or, if you get a chance to meet the customer in person, you can show it to him via mobile, tablet or a laptop. All these are good ideas.

But there is a better and a more professional way to showcase your photography portfolio.

Through a professional slideshow portfolio video.

In a video, you can determine how long you want your customers to see each photo and the order in which they need to see the photos. You can also add overlay text, music, animated effects to make the video look more attractive. The best part is, you can add your logo/company name at the beginning using an intro animation & you can include your contact/website details at the end.

It’s easy to upload the video to a video sharing website like youtube or your own website and just send the link. Customers can see the video even on any mobile/laptop browser. Creating a video portfolio makes the prospect think that your approach of showing your portfolio is professional and different from others.

The challenge in creating a video portfolio is, the theme/effects used should be minimal yet look elegant. The video should keep your customer’s focus on the photos and not towards the effects, etc. So a slow zoom and simple effects, as shown in the above video, should be sufficient. Of course, an intro and outro slides are a must.

With a video, you can also be sure that no one will be able to download your photos and use it elsewhere without your knowledge.

If you want to create a professional photography video portfolio, please submit your contact details using the contact form on the homepage (click here).

Pricing: $1 USD/60 INR per photo. [For the template shown above. Pricing might differ if you have custom requirements or need another template]

Business Promo/Intro/Portfolio Video Styles

Style 1: Fast >>

Style 2: Medium >>

Style 3: Medium-Slow >>

Professional Photo Slideshows can be used to create marketing videos for Business Introduction/Promotional Videos or Service Portfolios. There is one important difference while using photo slideshows for creating marketing videos – the focus is on the text rather than the photos behind them. As you can guess, this is the reverse of personal slideshow videos made for special occasions where the focus is on the photos.

Once you have decided what text to go in each slide (keeping text short per slide – between one and five words, is a good practice) you can then see if you have or can take photos that convey the essence of the text. Even if you don’t have photos of your business/products/people, it’s OK – we can use related stock photos for the same – as in these example videos.

Also, these videos cannot be too long. Around 10-15 slides (max) per video will keep it short enough to hold viewer’s attention. If you want to use more slides, do consider the idea of creating multiple short videos.

The above slideshow templates have been optimized to convey marketing messages. We’ll add text, effects & animation along with photos to create customized videos suitable for your business. We can also add 2D Animation, Motion Graphics or Text-To-Speech avatars – at additional cost if required.

If you want to make marketing videos at a low cost, professional slideshow templates optimized for marketing communication (as shown in the above videos) will convey your message effectively while attracting viewer’s attention with beautiful photos, music & effects.

Price: $2 USD/120 INR per slide/photo.

To order or enquire, please fill up the contact form on the home page (click here) to convey your requirement and initiate communication.