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Why Make a Business Video? Make a Trailer Instead

Business Videos are Slow. Business Videos are Not Compelling. Business Videos are Boring.

Haven’t we felt this way either with our own business videos or while watching others’ business videos?

Marketing Videos for Business is supposed to hold the viewer’s attention – only then will the prospects have a good idea about what we are selling. If it’s slow or boring they will skip most parts or tune off mentally.

But Business Videos don’t have to be like that. They can be different.

In fact, there is another field that excels at holding people’s attention through a short-form video: Movie Trailers.

Agreed, movie makers have an advantage – they have a story to tell. Still, if you look at a movie trailer closely, there are specific elements like racy music, fast cuts, etc. that are employed to hold the viewer’s attention throughout.

We thought, why not use those elements to get customers and prospects excited about products or services offered by a business?

Above-embedded is a Trailer-style video for a Services-based Business; Below=embedded is a Trailer-style video for a Product=based Business.

These are just sample videos. Generally, we custom-make videos based on customer’s business. Visit our homepage and get in touch with us to discuss further.

Very few businesses are employing this technique. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make a mark.

Be different. Be bold.

You will get noticed.

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