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Jewelry Teaser Video

Teaser Video for Jewelry Product

Here is a teaser video for a jewelery product (bangle) made by us recently. It’s difficult to make teaser videos because we are not supposed to show the product fully, but yet generate curiosity interest by just showing the product partially or a blurred version.

For making this video, we took many photos of the bangle suspended from a thread and making it move/rotate. So the blur was naturally captured in the photos. If only clear photos are available, we can still introduce blur using VFX in a video editor.

We also enlarged the photos of the bangle but showed only parts of it in the video. We used short videos (really short) of the bangle moving and rotating without inducing any blur as the moving product was visible, but not clear.

Teaser videos are better if they are fast and short. In this case, the teaser video is 14 seconds long and each photo/video gets around 0.5 sec or 1 sec maximum screen time.

Of course, a catchy music is essential to attract the attention of the audience and we have used an upbeat number in this one. Text, although revealing the product name, has been used more to create interest and suspense in the viewer’s minds. Fast appearing text over the photos/videos also distracts the viewers from getting a clear view of the product, which helps conceal its looks further.

The brand name is shown at the end with an eye-catching animation so that people are able to see the brand name and remember it, which is important. A short logo animation can also be used at the end.

It’s ideal if the teaser video is followed by a promo video relatively quickly. Promo video shows the product clearly in different angles and should answer¬†all the viewer’s questions in the teaser video. Ideally, the promo video should follow the teaser video within a week.

Product Teaser Videos & Product Promo Videos are a good way to introduce a new product to customers, especially on social media. We at wowsuper.net specialize in making marketing videos. Do visit our homepage (click) and drop your contact details in the Order/Enquiry form over there to initiate discussion.

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