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wedding invitation video

Wedding Invite Video (Made for You)

Above embedded is a Wedding Invite Video template created by us. We can customise this video with your photos and text. Contact +91-8973917204 or wowsuper.net@gmail.com for price and customization options.

Nowadays people live everywhere across the world – wherever opportunity takes them. It’s a difficult task to print wedding invitations and give it to everyone in person. Online wedding invite ecards are an option, but for many that might not be grand enough.

It is for this purpose we created the above Online wedding invite video template. This is not a do-it-yourself solution – we know some might find it difficult to get it perfect the first time. So, for a low cost, we will get the media/content from you and create it using professional video creators.

We can also customise this video with any additional photos, phone recorded video messages, etc. – if you wish so. If you are on a tight budget, the same video above can be customised with your content.

You want your wedding to be grand. Why not make a video invite and stand out from the other/grander wedding invitations floating around? This musical wedding invitation video costs just a fraction of making and printing grand physical invitation cards!

Needless to say, video distribution is instant – you can share this MP4 video over facebook, whatsapp and just every other social network you know.

Visit our homepage to know the different types of video services offered by us.

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