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Why Slideshows? Why not just Photos or Videos?

What’s special about a slideshow video?

Showing and sharing photos/videos is, and will always remain a good option.

But a video slideshow, when made by professionals, will enable you to share your memorable moments with the world IN STYLE.

Photos can capture your special moments. But only a video with text can communicate to everyone why those moments were special. With photos, you can show off your memorable moments, but you need a video to tell your story effectively.

When you add text, narration, animation, 3D effects, transitions, and music your story can truly engage the viewers. There is no way they would have seen such cool and beautiful effects.

It’ll┬ámake them go, ‘Wow, Super’.

Slideshow videos are different from event videos. While event videos are longer and capture almost the entire event, slideshows are typically shorter (typically under 5 minutes) that highlight the important moments through selected photos and short videos. You can easily share slideshow videos on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. or you can store them on your mobile and show it to people easily.



What’s Special About Slideshows @ WowSuper.Net?
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