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3D Avatar Slideshow

We Make 3D Avatar Text-to-Speech Intro Video for You

What if a narrator, a 3D animated model at that, comes on screen and introduces your video? With realistic 3D avatar animated characters and text-to-speech technology, we at wowsuper.net can make them talk your script (whatever you wish them to tell) and create a custom video for you. Have a look at the above video to see a few examples of such intro/outro slides we made before. What they say can be 100% customized according to your needs. But what they do on screen is random action, we cannot make them dance to your tunes – yet! ­čÖé

You can use text to introduce your video, but that’s what everyone else does. If you wish your video to stand out, look professional and make a great first impression, an introduction and even a sign-off with a cool narrator/anchor might be a great idea. TV-STYLE on Youtube or Facebook – WOW!!

You can use the 3D avatar for introducing your product/service. You can also use them to introduce a slideshow video made for your wedding, anniversary, birthday, travel, party, etc. When the character on-screen tells your name, people who normally skip photos/videos on social networks are bound to take notice. Especially if it’s the first time they come across such a cool introduction. Most probably it will be their first time.

We can even make a stand-alone video with the 3D avatar narrating your script. Of course, if you want photos and/or text to run in the background or after the narration using a photo slideshow of your photos, we can do that too. Like our custom slideshow video creation service, we also provide customized 3D avatar video creation service using text-to-speech technology. Although the accent maybe slightly robotic, text-to-speech has come a long way in mimicking human voice. Just have a look at the above-embedded video.

Please visit this link to get more info about our 3D Avatar intro video creation service and the cost.

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