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slideshow with light effect

Photo Slideshow with Light Effects

Here is a photo slideshow made by us recently that uses a few light/lighting effects to show/share our tour photos. Lights are an interesting medium to explore if you want your slideshows to look very very different from other slides/videos. It is not only possible to generate artificial lights that are focussing on certain sections of your photos but it is even possible to make them interact with the photos like moving them around the screen and creating shadows! Have a look at the above slideshow that shows a few lighting effects that can be used with photos.

If you want us to make a custom slideshow with your photos using some of these light effects or even if you have your own ideas, do visit to learn more about our slideshow creation service. While it is possible to make your own slideshows, often for free, if you want your photos to stand out from million others it maybe a good idea to allow a motion graphics artist to create a professional video for you at an affordable cost.

After all, your special occasion celebrated grandly needs to be highlighted and shared in a grand way too, don’t you think?

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