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custom wedding slideshow

Want to create Customized Wedding Slideshows?


custom wedding slideshow

Weddings offer an excellent opportunity to take memorable photos. While it is a great idea to print selected photos and make a beautiful wedding photo album, you cannot share this album online. While you can share photos as such, it doesn’t make a great impact. Besides, everyone else is doing the same thing too.

There is a better way to showcase your special moments to people, especially on social networks: By creating an MP4 photo/video slideshow. In essence, you could create and share a mini-movie of your wedding using the best photos and videos from your marriage ceremony.

Have a look at the below-embedded wedding portfolio video created by us. We have just used a few effects available with us in the below video. There are many more effects, transitions and even animations that can be used to make your video look even better.

We can add any number of photos you send and even customize the text to go with each photo. However, try to select just the best photos/videos and send them to us for a better impact – the attention span of people is less on social networks and hence it’s difficult for others to see long videos.

Think about this: You spend a lot of money for your wedding. Why not spend a little more and showcase your special moments to the world with the splendor that it deserves?

Visit WOWSUPER.NET HOME PAGE to go through our video services and submit your details in the contact form there. Or you can directly email wowsuper.net@gmail.com with your requirements. 

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