Video Greeting Card for Valentines Day


Here is a Video Greeting Card we made for Valentines Day. We can make similar video greetings (with music) for you too by swapping our picture with yours or the photo you provide. Alternatively, we can include a short video message (30-sec max) recorded by you on your mobile instead of the photo you see in the above video. It’s your choice.

But, as shown in the above video, since we need to cut the photo/video like a heart, not all parts of the photo/video will be visible. Hence we suggest you give a photo where the subject/subjects are standing close to each other (and) the photo has not been taken from very near. This is required to get the subject within the heart-shaped area. While we suggest you give a photo with both of you in it, it’s also a good idea to give just your better half’s photo. This template is suitable for both cases.

Video greeting cards offer an excellent opportunity to wish your fiance/life partner in a unique way. You can be sure they’d be surprised on watching a video made just for them. The best thing is, you can just send it over WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, etc. irrespective of how far you both might be located, currently.

Visit our Video Greetings page to know more and the costing details for the same. Fill up the form on that page and we’ll get back to you immediately by email. You can send your photo later after we reply. Generally, you should get the finished video within a few hours.