Commercial/Events Portfolio Slideshow

We try to make slideshows for any requirement and that includes videos needed for commercial purposes like product/service showcasing, portfolio sharing on social networks, facebook/twitter ads, book trailers, explainer videos, event summary, event highlights, portfolio for photographers/models, etc.

You can communicate any messages through photos & text via an attractive slideshow inexpensively as long as the message is short. Slideshows are not for long bullet-point filled corporate presentations, though!

If you want to create a slideshow video for your business, we can make it for you. Of course, you’ll need to send the photos, text, and other creatives. You can also add premium slides with 3D Avatar spokesperson, Animated Intro/Outro, Premium Video backgrounds, Kinetic Typography, etc. to create professional looking slideshows.

Have a look at the above event summary slideshow we made with photos from a religious ceremony. If you want a similar slideshow we can extend the same charges of $1 USD per photo and $2.5 USD per short video that we offer for personal needs.

But for complex commercial projects, our charges may vary depending on the amount of work involved. The best way to find out is to fill up the below form and let us know about your requirement. We’ll let you know our charges and if we’ll be able to satisfy your requirements, via reply mail.

  • Client: Anyone
  • Date: January 4, 2017
  • Service: Photo & Video Slideshows