3D Animation

3D Animated Intro/Outro

You can include 3D Animated intros & outros (like the ones shown in the above video) to make your slideshow videos look stunning and professionally made. The photo in these templates can be changed to a photo of your choice or we can also create a custom text slide for you, instead of the photo. 

3D Animation intro/outro videos are a premium feature that will cost $5 USD per slide. You can order this to be a part of the slideshow or you can also order this separately. There is no separate music to go with these videos, but we can extend the same music used for your slideshow for these video slides as well. Use the below form to contact us for further information or ordering. Click here to go to the home page to know more about our slideshow creation service.

  • Client: Anyone
  • Date: January 4, 2017
  • Service: Photo & Video Slideshows