Enhance your Images by creating a Cinemagraph!

A Cinemagraph is in between a photo & video. It looks like a photo where (just a) part of the image moves to create an interesting effect. Obviously, the output is a video or a GIF. Unlike Live photos where we start with a photo to animate parts of it, in Cinemagraphs, it’s easier to start with the video.

Cinemagraphs were initially made by hand-stitching various photos and were viewed as an animated GIF. Since the GIF format allows unlimited repetition, it’s easy to represent a cinemagraph on web pages and social media. Cinemagraphs can also be outputted in MP4 Video format. Some social networks run MP4 videos on a loop, as well.

The Wikipedia Cinamegraph page has a nice example. Here is another example

Here is a Cinemagraph we made recently – to learn and to have fun 😉

Cinemagraphs are simpler to make when we start from a Video instead of photos.

Steps to make a Cinemagraph:

  • Select a location/subjects where there is or you can place (at least one) moving part. Keep in mind that only the moving part will be visible as a video while everything else will be visible only as a still image.
  • Shoot a short video that includes the moving part. Make sure to keep the camera/cell phone fixed – do not move it while shooting.
  • Export a still frame from the video into an image using a good video editor.
  • Bring both the photo and the video into the video editor and place the video on top of the photo. The video layer should be on top of the photo layer.
  • Photo and Video should be of the same dimensions and must overlap exactly.
  • Create a mask on the video layer to retain only the moving part. The mask will automatically remove all other portions of the video and expose the photo in those places.
  • Playback the video and if satisfied, export it to a common video format like MP4. This will give you a video output where you think you see a still photo but there will be movement in just one area/part.
  • The resulting video gives an interesting/eerie effect. That’s it – you’ve just created a Cinemagraph!

I created the above-embedded Cinemagraph using Hitfilm4Express video editor. You can do it with any video editor that supports Masking and Photo (Frame) Export from a Video.

Here are some interesting Cinemagraphs made by proficient artists –


Did you know that Cinemagraphs were conceived by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg to enhance model photographs at New York Fashion Week by making their hair flutter? Since then, Cinemagraphs have found interesting applications and have been combined with video editing techniques like time lapse, etc.

As you might have expected, Cinemagraphs are suitable to enhance only certain types of images where movement can be highlighted. But when you apply this technique, it can take the viewing experience to a different level altogether. Do give it a try 🙂

Why Slideshows? Why not just Photos or Videos?

What’s special about a slideshow video?

Showing and sharing photos/videos is, and will always remain a good option.

But a video slideshow, when made by professionals, will enable you to share your memorable moments with the world IN STYLE.

Photos can capture your special moments. But only a video with text can communicate to everyone why those moments were special. With photos, you can show off your memorable moments, but you need a video to tell your story effectively.

When you add text, narration, animation, 3D effects, transitions, and music your story can truly engage the viewers. There is no way they would have seen such cool and beautiful effects.

It’ll make them go, ‘Wow, Super’.

Slideshow videos are different from event videos. While event videos are longer and capture almost the entire event, slideshows are typically shorter (typically under 5 minutes) that highlight the important moments through selected photos and short videos. You can easily share slideshow videos on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. or you can store them on your mobile and show it to people easily.



What’s Special About Slideshows @ WowSuper.Net?

Why create a custom video slideshow through WowSuper.Net? Here are a few reasons…

While photos & videos were/are the de-facto media to store and share precious moments, video slideshows have evolved beyond being just a basic compilation of photos, videos, and music – especially in the recent years.

Now there are a variety of tools (both desktop and cloud-based) that are available to professionals. Why limit these programs to professional movie makers and animators? Why not reach these tools to the common man without the high investment and steep learning curves normally associated with such software?

It’s now possible to combine 3D effects, visual effects, animation-cartoons, motion graphics, and premium video backgrounds with photos, effects, transitions & music. It is even possible to make a 3D avatar narrate your story. You can be sure that people in your network will go, “Wow, Super’ when they see the unique custom slideshows made here. Besides, the price we ask for the efforts involved is low.

The main focus of our website is to enchant the audience with your story. Technology is just an enabler. That’s why we insist on making custom videos for each of our customers. Because we know that your story and the way you want it to be told is always unique. You deserve a slideshow specially handcrafted for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about WowSuper.Net

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about the custom video slideshow creation service offered at WowSuper.Net.

@. What Exactly Do you offer at WowSuper.Net?

We create customized MP4 video slideshows using photos and videos sent by our customers so that they can save/share their special moments in style.

@. Can’t we create slideshows for free using apps? 

You can. In fact, for some occasions, automated/free slideshow builders with fixed templates and simple effects may be sufficient.

But here at WowSuper.net, since we create slideshows professionally almost on a daily basis, you can rest assured that your story will be conveyed using beautiful effects and intriguing transitions.

Besides saving time and money, there is no steep learning curve or frustration that your video looks amateurish. We also try to customize slideshows as per your liking, as much as possible.

We have also invested time, money & skills in premium features – like 3D avatars narrating your story, 3D animated intros, cartoon creation tools, premium video backgrounds, royalty-free music tracks, etc. that will make your videos truly stand out. Most of these premium features are not available elsewhere, at least not at the price we offer.

@. Are slideshow videos different from event videos?

Slideshow videos are different from event videos. While event videos are longer and capture/cover almost the entire event, slideshows are shorter (typically under 5 minutes) that highlight only the important moments through selected photos and short videos. Since slideshow videos are shorter and elegant, you can easily share them on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. or you can store them on your mobile and show it to people anywhere easily.

@. What’s the ordering process/How does this work?

Once you submit the order/enquiry form on the homepage or send us an email expressing interest, we’ll reply to your email. If you like a few styles from the portfolio videos on our homepage, you can indicate to us. Or we can build your slideshow from scratch with effects and transitions we think suits your photos best.

Once you send us the photos, text and your preferences, we’ll create the video and send the download link to your email within two business days. If you need any changes, you can reply and we’ll try our best to accommodate them.

Once you are satisfied with the video, we’ll send you an invoice and you pay online using your credit/debit cards.

@. I have some photos/videos that I have downloaded from the Internet. Can I send them to you for making the slideshow?

No. We insist that the photos/videos be taken by you or a photographer employed by you. You cannot send photos or videos taken from the net as they may be copyrighted to others.

The photos, videos, music, etc. that we use to create the slideshow video (if any – in addition to the ones you send) are all royalty-free media purchased by us.

@. Can you please download and insert my favorite song into the video?

No, that is copyright infringement. Besides, Online services like Youtube and Facebook may disable your video or disable your account if you upload music copyrighted to others.

We have rights/permissions to use certain royalty-free music tracks that we have paid for. Don’t worry, we’ll insert an appropriate music track for you. We can only use the commercially licensed music available with us.

@. Can you change the style, order or music after the video file is delivered?

Yes. We understand that creative projects should be flexible and hence we can redo a video once or twice even after delivery. If the changes you require are too exhaustive or beyond our capacity, we reserve our right to refuse.

@. When do we pay you? Do you need any advance?

You pay only after the work is complete and the video file is delivered to you. That eliminates any risk for our customers. However, be informed that our logo will be visible in the initial slideshow we send you. Once you pay, we’ll send you another video after removing the logo.

@. What are the available payment options?

Once the work is complete, we’ll send you a Paypal invoice to your email and you can pay the equivalent amount in your currency using your debit/credit cards. Paypal works in most countries.

We’ll try to include more payment options in the future. Customers from India can also do a direct bank transfer.

@. When I submit a form to initiate communication or initiate the order process, will you add me to your email list and bombard me with million emails?

No. There is a separate email subscription form and you’ll have to fill separately to receive the monthly email newsletter. Even if you submit your email address there, you’ll get only one mass email per month. And don’t worry, we will not sell your email addresses to anyone.