Create an Animated Bar Graph

A bar graph is a great way to show comparison between your data. While a plain graph is fine, you can also try animating your bar graph to not only make it look better but also to make the viewer notice and recollect more of your presentation data.

Generally, when a slide or page with a lot of data/info is presented to viewers, they tend to skim it quickly and then their attention is diverted. So they might miss a few important details.

But, using an animated bar graph/animated infographics, you can show all your data one by one. That way, the user is automatically guided to look at each data point you are presenting.

This is because we animate each bar and each data point separately. There is also a pause between the bars. Since the user is presented with limited data each time, there is a good chance that they will notice each bar and each data point, as it animates.

You can also be sure that they will recollect more information about your presentation, this way. The above bar graph with five bars plays for just 14 seconds with a 2-second delay in the beginning and in the end.

If you want to create animated bar graph videos/infographics/presentations, head over to homepage (click) and submit your requirements in the contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Timeline Video (Made for You)

Creating a Timeline video is a great way to introduce your business to the world. It’s basically a timeline graph that is animated, and shows the key points over the life of the company – each year or a few important years from the year of inception. An example timeline video made by us for a client is embedded above.

You can add points like important partnerships, awards/accolades won, financial milestones, important appointments, expansion into new areas, etc. Each year can have multiple branches for conveying multiple milestones for that year, as shown in the above video.

A timeline video can be a stand-alone video or it can be a part of company/business introduction video. You can upload it to social networks like Youtube or embed it on your website. You can also play this video during events or client presentations, etc.

Some key pointers like what the company is into, business focus areas, vision/mission, locations, etc. animated and placed before or after the timeline animation would enhance the video and convey everything that a new viewer wants to know about the company.

If you want to create a timeline video customised according to your requirements and incorporating your data, let us know by filling up the contact form on the homepage (click). We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Business Introduction Video is better when You Talk to Viewers

Above-embedded is a Business Introduction Video that we made. It features me talking to the viewers directly while also showing informative text for a visual reinforcement of the oral message, where required.

Here is a similar video (click) with just text conveying the same message without me talking directly to the viewers. Although sufficient, it doesn’t have the personal connect that is evident with the above-embedded video.

That’s why, I think, business owners should convey the important points and benefits, directly to the audience. Nowadays, it’s very easy to shoot a video of oneself talking – even a mobile camera can record good video. Just make sure you keep the camera steady while recording. You can place it over a tripod or even a table/pile of books, etc.

In this particular video, at certain places, I have made text appear as they are spoken and disappear slightly afterwards. This not only makes the speech clearer, but also enables the viewers to catch and recollect important points.

But in certain sections, I have shown just the slides/messages and graphics while I speak in the background. The goal and quote sections of the above video have interesting visuals which I retained in order to convey more than what it may be possible to say, and to give a short break from direct addressing, which might get overwhelming after a certain point of time.

If the business owner is not comfortable talking, a senior executive or a top manager can also do that.

If you want to make a video like the above for your business, visit homepage (click) and contact me using the contact form/email address mentioned there.

Let’s talk 🙂

Birthday Short Film

We’ll make a short film with important pictures & video clips taken during your/your loved one’s birthday.

Your birthday movie can look professional and attractive with effects, transitions, animation, text, music, etc.

Why not let us create a short film for your birthday to share on social networks & to preserve it for posterity?

Typically birthday videos are just 1 to 3 minutes long, but short videos make a better impact with viewers.

We’ll convert your media into an impressive short movie that you can proudly share everywhere.

The above-embedded video is just a sample – your video will be customised just for you.

If you are in Chennai, Bangalore, Pondicherry (South India) or nearby, we can come to your birthday party and shoot the video for you. Even if or otherwise, you can arrange photographers locally (or) you can shoot the photos/ videos on your mobile/ personal cameras and send it to us over the net.

We are looking forward to partner with photographers around the world. You shoot, we do creative video editing.

Visit our homepage @ and submit your contact details – we’ll get in touch with you soon. Don’t worry, our short film creation services are inexpensive – really.

Commercial Video for Showroom/Online Store

Here is a commercial video we made for a showroom-network that also has online ordering facility. They enable customers to design their own customised shirts and deliver them across the world. Customers can either visit one of their showrooms located across India, US & Dubai for a more customised experience, or they can visit the website and customise multiple aspects of a shirt by themselves, and place an order.

This type of video requires a good attractive intro with words and logo reveal, a video taken at one of their shops, a photo slideshow with some photos taken at the shop, a screen shot and text animation for the introduction of the customisation process Online. And the video needs to be short enough to hold the attention of the customers throughout.

We hope we have delivered the essence of the message effectively in the above video.

If you are looking to make a similar video for your store/website, do get in touch with us via the contact form on the homepage. Even if we are not able to visit the store to shoot photos & videos, it is sufficient if you can arrange to shoot locally and send the media across to us. We’ll stitch them together, add animations, text, music, etc. and create a video as per your requirements and preferences.

DJI Tello: 5 Things Required to Make it the Best First Drone

DJI Tello manufactured by Ryze is an excellent “Toy” Drone Camera that is available for under $100 USD on major online retail sites. While the drone may be OK for kids wanting to have fun, I think it needs the following features to make it useful to small filmmakers and videography enthusiasts.

  1. 1080p Camera (Vs. 720p camera currently available). The drone is not going to be kept on a Tripod and it can fly up to 10 meters. A 720p camera is just not going to be sufficient for any serious video shoot, especially as it’s going to be moving frequently.
  2. SD Card Holder for recording videos on the drone. Currently, the videos are being streamed to the phone and recorded on the phone. This affects the footage quality as video streaming over WiFi results in data loss and pixellation.
  3. GPS. Although the built-in visual sensors do a decent job of positioning and steady hovering, landing, etc. GPS is required for precise controls and smooth movements.
  4. 100 meters height. A drone should at least fly to a height of 100 meters, right? The current height limitation of 10 meters is a little too low.
  5. Joystick remote control. I am always wary of anything that is dependent on the phone or computer, especially for flying. Besides, a joystick is easier and more intuitive for manoeuvring.

Of course, DJI/Ryse might want to increase the price slightly for giving us these features, and I am OK with it. My only request to them is – keep the drone under 250 grams so that we would not need any licenses or registration to fly it.

I really like the DJI Tello and how it enables everyone to own and fly their own drone cameras. Just that they need to push their engineering a little bit more to make this product a huge success.

I am waiting 🙂

BTW, here is the DJI Tello Promo Video –

Promo Videos using Timelapse Footage

Here is a Promo Video we made for ourselves using premium timelapse stock footage and text tracking.

Timelapse videos help catch the viewer’s attention right at the beginning of the video as they look very attractive and have not been used much, at least not for business communications. When a timelapse video is used to show a succinct message, it instantly catches your target audience’s attention.

Although a few themes of Timelapse footage taken at beautiful and eye-catching locales are available for use, the video may not be indicative of the text/message that the slide conveys. In this case, we wanted a panning timelapse video, hence our choices were quite limited.

Although unrelated, these videos still look professional and hence they are guaranteed to catch the viewer’s attention especially when used to convey short messages.

Besides, in the above video, we have used a video editing feature called text tracking. Here, text acts like a static object inside the video and moves along with the buildings/rocks, etc. which makes them look different and cinematic. That will make your customers notice what’s written. 3D Text, although not used here, could create an even better impact!

If you want to make a promo video for your company to convey the outline/overall picture of your offerings, you should consider making a promo video using timelapse footage.

Your company is different, hence your videos also need to be different 🙂

Visit the homepage and get in touch by submitting the order/enquiry form, if you would like to know more about our promo video creation service here at

A Creative Way to Wish Happy Birthday

As you may know, we make videos for special occasions and marketing purposes here at Recently, one of our customers asked us to make a video to wish his wife on her birthday. So as usual, I asked him to send over some photos and some text he wanted to include.

But he had different plans. He said he would send a few short videos and I had to stitch them all together into a creative video along with beautiful effects and transitions. I said OK.

After a week, with just two days to go for her birthday, I was wondering why I had not received the videos yet. Just then, he sent me a mail with a Google Drive download link.

As I opened the web page, I found around 50 videos. I wondered what these videos could contain – that too fifty of them! So I downloaded the videos in my system and started playing them one by one.

All the videos were the same.

They were all from their friends and family members wishing her happy birthday and sharing some fond memories and impressions about her.

So basically he had requested many people to speak and record their wishes and impressions in their cell phone cameras and send it over. I stitched them all together to make a creative surprise video wishing happy birthday from so many near and dear. I wish I could show you the video – but since it’s private, I can’t.

Don’t you think it’s a great way/idea to wish someone on their birthday? Very thoughtful, lot of efforts, and very effective 🙂

You might want to try something similar to wish someone you cherish. I am sure they’ll cherish the video for years to come.

Of course, you can send the individual videos to me via the contact form on the homepage (click) and I’ll add the magic required to make it look great.

3D Photo Slideshow (3D Model: Great Wall of China)

Here is a 3D Photo Slideshow Video made by us with wedding photos set around a 3D model (Great Wall of China). Making this video involves creating the 3D model, placing the photos in 3D space, lighting the 3D space, and animating the camera – pan, zoom and rotate.

These objects and photos are set around true 3D space, instead of simulating 3D using 2D animation. Hence, the 3D modelling and animation possibilities are infinite. Since 3D rendering takes many hours even for a video spanning a few seconds, it’s not practical to expect a video with many photos.

Practically, per event/occasion, up to 25 photos could be placed in 3D space and animated. These videos are not a replacement to regular event editing/mixing videos, but these are meant to be created with just a few important photos primarily for sharing the video on social networks. So it has to be short.

If you are a wedding photographer/videographer do contact us by filling up the enquiry form on the homepage, if you want your customers photos to be placed around a 3D model and animated. We have ready made models for Seven Wonders of the World, but custom models can also be prepared – provided sufficient time is available.

Have a look at Wedding Slideshows category for pricing and further details.

Photo Slideshow set in 3D Space around a 3D Model (Taj Mahal)

Here is a short photo slideshow we made with our photos set in 3D space around a 3D model (Taj Mahal). The camera moves from one photo to another (while pausing briefly in front of each) while revolving around the 3D model, creating a true 3D environment experience. The 3D model is exposed bit by bit, creating interest in the viewers minds before getting exposed fully during the last ten seconds.

3D Photo slideshows are new and different. Regular photo slideshows may have multiple effects, transitions, etc. but chances are, people in your circle may have seen most of them already. If you want to really surprise people, creating 3D photo slideshows with real 3D models and 3D sets is a good idea.

This 3D Taj Mahal model is the first in our series of ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ Photo Slideshows. You can see a listing of the seven wonders of the world from here. 3D sets for each wonder will be created and your photos will be placed and shown around each wonder to create the final photo slideshow.

The camera will move from one wonder of the world to another (containing your photos). This makes them see your photos being around all the wonders of the world. We can also place your photo cut-out (instead of full photos) in order to make people feel that you were virtually present at all the locations.

This is the next best thing you can do to travelling across the world and taking photos in front of each wonder, don’t you think?

The photos can be from any special occasion. They could be your marriage photos, anniversary/birthday celebration photos, or travel photos, or photos taken during any other ceremony.

If you want to make a photo slideshow with your photos placed around the seven wonders of the world in real 3D space, visit the homepage and fill up the contact form.