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We enable you to create & share your personal/brand stories as a video. We use photos, videos, text, music, animation, special effects, 3D effects, motion graphics, and more to create elegant and attractive videos.

We customise each video as per your needs, as much as possible. Since we create videos professionally every day, you can rest assured that people will go – “Wow, Super!”

Rough Pricing Guide
  • $20 USD/Rs. 1200 per minute of the final video. [For Slideshow-style Videos]
  • $40 USD/Rs. 2400 per minute of the final video. [For Videos that involve Motion Graphics]

The above pricing is a rough estimate, actual pricing may vary depending on the type of video you want to make.

How to Order: Submit your details in the ‘Order/Enquiry Form‘ on the right. Or, you can directly send an email to wowsuper.net@gmail.com with your requirements. Or, just Call/Whatsapp: +91-8973917204. Once ready, we’ll send the 1080p MP4 slideshow video link by email along with an invoice. You can pay from any country via Paypal using your credit/debit cards.

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  • Send your photos/clips. We will send you back a professional slideshow video. It’s as simple as that.
  • Save a lot of your time for a low cost.
  • We don’t work on fixed templates. Beautiful & unique effects, transitions, graphics, music customized per photo/show.
  • Full HD (1080p) Video File delivered over the Net within 1-2 days.
  • Any suggestions/changes can be accommodated (if possible) up to two times after initial delivery.
  • Pay only after delivery & satisfaction. Our logo can be removed upon payment.
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